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2023 Colonial Waterbird (CWB) Survey Planning Documents

The buttons below link to documents that are associated with an effort to plan, coordinate and implement a 2023 coordinated CWB breeding survey that will focus on the North American Atlantic Flyway (i.e., Atlantic Canada - Atlantic coast of Florida) and conceivably include Gulf Coast states. The intent of the 2023 survey is to: (1) obtain breeding population estimates for priority seabird and long-legged wading species across a broad geographic scale; and (2) serve as a model and launching pad for future recurrent surveys of similar scope and design. 

The planning documents are grouped into thematic categories and the buttons under each category are labeled with the document names. Click on the button to download the file you wish to retrieve.    

2023 Atlantic CWB Survey Planning Workshop Outcomes

Documents to Help Gather First Tier Planning Information

CWB Breeding Survey Methods

Flyway Council Documents

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