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The initial idea to form the SCAW group was discussed at the 2016 Waterbird Society conference in New Bern, NC. Discussions during the Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative meeting and a breakout session on Black Skimmer expressed the need for coast-wide sharing of ideas and coordination. The first SCAW webinar was conducted on May 4, 2017.


This 2017 webinar focused on the following tasks:

  • Review and finalize the need, mission and organizational structure of the SCAW-WG

  • Review and finalize geographic extent of regional subgroups

  • Review, refine and prioritize SCAW-WG short- and long-term goals

  • Determine SCAW-WG focal species

  • Develop next steps to get SCAW-WG and regional sub-groups up and running.



The second meeting for SCAW was held in Plymouth, MA on September 27, 2018. 

Purpose of SCAW-WG Committee Meeting:

  1. Identify actions that need to be taken to increase effectiveness and efficacy of the SCAW-WG.

  2. Establish a plan for regional subgroups to identify, obtain and/or compile information that will help solidify and provide direction for regional sub-groups.

  3. Identify immediate actions necessary for planning and coordinating a 2023 SCAW-wide breeding survey.  


The 2019 SCAW meeting will be held prior to the Waterbird Society conference in Salisbury, MD. 

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