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Justification for choosing one or more of these five species as SCAW-WG focal species

  • Occur in all 5 regions (except BLSK, LETE and LAGU do not occur in Canada).

  • BLSK, LETE and COTE are species of greatest conservation need in over 80% of the states in which they occur.     

  • BLSK, LETE and COTE are on state endangered species lists in four or more states.

  • LAGU and DCCO represent species that undergo some level of lethal control for the benefit of avian conservation targets or  to reduce impacts on human activities such as aquaculture.

  • All 5 species utilize a variety of breeding habitats (barrier beaches, mainland beaches, ephemeral sand shoals and sand spits, salt marshes, dredge material islands, other human created islands/structures, roof-tops, etc.) and therefore would serve as good indicators on the status, quality and management needs of these habitats.   

Species                         Atlantic Canada and US Occurrence            #of States Where Species Breeds  

Common Tern             Yes  (no special status)                           13                                      

Least Tern                  No                                                       19                                      

Black Skimmer            No                                                       16                                      

Laughing Gull              No                                                       17                                      

Double-crested           Yes  (no special status)                            17                                        Cormorant                                                                                                                    

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